Kabbala and Sorcery are one and the Same!

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Kabbala & Sorcery

They are one and the same

Isaac ben Solomon Luria born: 1534 in Yerushalayim - JerusalemIsrael - Died: August 5, 1572 (aged 38) in Safed the very center of the evil source sorcery and he was considered the heart of it!

Isaac Luria’s youth was spent in Egypt, where he became versed in rabbinic studies, engaged in commerce, and eventually concentrated on study of the Zohar, being the central work of Kabbala. In 1570 he went to Safed in Galilee, where he studied under Moses ben Jacob Cordovero, who the greatest Kabbalist of the time, and developed his own Kabbalistic sorcery system.

Judaism, then in its three thousandth year, was like a rich kernel, covered and concealed by crusts deposited one upon another, and by extraneous matter, so that only very few could recognize its true character of the faith. The Sinaitic and prophetic kernel of thought had long been covered over with the s layer of Sopheric, Mishnic, and Talmudical explanations and restrictions. Over these, in the course of centuries, new layers had been formed by the Gaonic, Spanish, French, German, and Polish schools, and these layers and strata were enclosed by an unsightly growth of fungus forms, the mouldy coating of the Kabbala, which, settling in the gaps and chinks, grew and ramified.

All these new forms had already the authority of age in their favour, and were considered inviolable. People no longer asked what was taught in the fundamental Sinaitic law, or what was considered of importance by the prophets; they scarcely regarded what the Talmud decided to be essential or non-essential; The Talmud became the heart of their Scriptures, the Rabbinical writers alone, Joseph Karo and Moses Isserles being the highest authorities, decided what kind of Judaism they wanted to recreate. Besides, there were the super additions from the Polish schools, and lastly the hiddious Kabalistic dreams of Isaac Luria. The parasitic (parasites) Kabbala choked the whole religious life of the Jews.

Almost all rabbis and leaders of Jewish communities, whether in small Polish towns or in cultivated Amsterdam, the Chacham Isaac Aboab de Fonseca, as well as Isaiah Hurwitz, the emigrant to Palestine, were all ensnared by the Kabbala.

Gaining influence in the fourteenth century, contemporaneously with the ban against science, it had made such giant strides since Isaac Luria’s death, or rather committed such gigantic ravages, that nothing could keep it in check. Luria’s wild notions of the origin, transmigration, and union of souls, of redemption, and wonder-working, after his death attracted more and more adherents into his magic circle, clouding their minds and narrowing their sympathies. (Here we see what the Chabad-Lubavitcher cult inherited later on).

Luria's disciples, the lion's whelps, as they boastfully called themselves, made systematic efforts to effect conversions, circulated most absurd stories about Luria's miracles, gave out that their master's spirit had come upon them, and shrouded themselves in mystery, in order to attract greater attention. Chayim ben Joseph Vital had been most prominent, and with his juggleries (trickery, used in Magic) deluded the credulous in Palestine and the neighboring countries (1572–1620) till his death.

He claimed himself to be the Ephraimitic (Ephraimite) Messiah, and therefore assumed a sort of authority over his fellow disciples. In Jerusalem, where he resided for several years, Chayim Vital, (born 1543, in Safed, Palestine - Sefat, Israel – being the very corner stone of the occult)

Whilst Chayim Vital was in Damascus (now in Syria), one of Judaism's outstanding Kabbalists (expounder of Jewish esoteric or occult doctrine) preached, and had visions, but did not meet with the recognition he expected. Only women said that they had seen a pillar of fire or the prophet Elijah hovering over Vital while he preached – Chaim Vital died on May 6, 1620 and was lost forever as he never repented!

Jewish Horror:

In Safed, Chaim Vital, imitating his master Luria, visited graves, and he carried out exorcism’s of spirits, and other evil mystic follies, but not living on good terms with his colleagues, especially his brother-in-law, Gedaliah Levi, of whom he was very jealous, he settled at Damascus (1594–1620), where he continued his mystifications, affected great personal importance, as if the salvation of the world rested on his shoulders, and preached the speedy appearance of the Moshiach, and his mission to hasten it. Most likely pointing to himself. He was at the time ridiculed on account of his wild proceedings, and declared to be a false prophet, he took vengeance on his detractors by gross slanders, however so much of his evil teachings are still with us today for you have no idea how much sorcery has come into us by so many rabbis for many were so evil! One of these was by the hideous occultist Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz such as; - Lecha Dodi by one of Isaacs Luria’s student’s, who was so deep in the Zohar and a Safed Kabbalist.

The vast majority of the Text was by Rabbi Heinrich (Hirch) Graetz, with emendations by this sites author.

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