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The Kabbala - PART TWO

The central point of the later Kabbala was most intense expectation of the Moshiach; Isaac Luria and Chaim Vital, and their disciples and followers proclaimed anew, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

A peculiar redemption was to precede and accompany it - the redemption of the scattered elements of the original soul (Nizuzoth) from the fetters of original evil, the demon nature (Kelifoth), (Heavenly Father forgive me for even writing this) which was taking a hold on men through the fall of the angels or divine elements, held them in captivity, impeded their upward flight, and necessitated the perpetual transmigration of souls from body to body.

A portion of these Gnostic teachings, when combined with Zoroastrianism, furnished Man with his particular doctrine of the original man. He even retains the Jewish designations “Adam Kadmon” and “Nakhash Kadmon”.

As soon as the evil spirit was either consumed, annihilated, rendered powerless, or at least existed by itself without admixture of the divine, then the Kabbalistic order (Olam ha-Tikkun) would prevail, streams of mercy would pour forth without let or hindrance upon the lower world through the channels of the Sefiroth, and fructify and miraculously quicken it.

This work of redemption can be accomplished by every truly pious man (Tzadok), who having an enlightened soul, and being initiated into the Kabbala, stands in close union with the world of spirits, comprehends the connection between the upper and lower world, and fulfils all religious exercises (Kewanoth) with concentrated devotion and with due regard to their influence upon the higher powers.

Still more effectually the Messiah, the son of David, will accomplish the annihilation of demoniacal powers and the restoration of lost souls, or rather the collection of the scattered elements of the universal soul of Adam. For to the Messiah, in whom dwells a pure, immaculate soul, are unfolded the mysterious depths of the higher worlds essences, and a divine creation, even the Divine Being Himself.

The Kabbalilist’s believe that

“Adam Kadmon’ is the ‘keter’ - Keter.jpg - the (crown) the topmost of the sephirot of the Tree of the of Life in Kabbalah. The Messiah of the seed of David would, to a certain extent, be the original man (‘Adam Kadmon’) an incarnate, part of the” – “Read the mysticism dazzled by the bewildered brain of the Smyrna youth, and produced such confusion and giddiness, that he thought he could easily usher in this spiritual redemption, which would be immediately followed by that of the body. In what manner this haughty wish to play the part of a Messiah germinates and breaks forth in enthusiastic minds, is an impenetrable riddle. Sabbataï Zevi was not the first to believe he was able to reverse the whole order of the world, by ridiculous mystical hocus-pocus, and partly to succeed in the endeavour.”

Certain it is that the extravagant notions entertained by certain crazy occultist Jews with regard to the near approach of the time of grace worked upon Sabbatai’s and that weak Lurian brain. That book of falsehoods, the Zohar, declared that in the year of the world 5408 (Jewish year 1648 CE) the era of redemption would dawn, and precisely in that year Sabbataï revealed himself to his followers of youthful companions as being the Messianic redeemer. It happened in an apparently insignificant manner, but the mode of revelation was of great import to the initiated. Sabbataï Zevi even uttered the full four lettered name of El in Hebrew (YHVH, the Tetragrammaton - but uttered it incorrectly as it was the old rabbinic edition) without hesitation, although this was strictly prohibited in the Talmud and by the usage of ages “thus the priests were cursed” - Malachi 2:2 (JPS).

The Kabbalists attached all sorts of mystical importance to this prohibition. They claimed incorrectly that during the dispersion of Israel, the perfection of God Himself was to a certain extent destroyed, on account of the sinfulness of men and the degradation of the Jewish people, since the Deity could not carry out His moral plan. The higher and lower worlds were divided from each other by a deep gulf; the four letters of God's name were parted asunder, what utter rubbish, they now blamed Elohim, against His own words, but it was men who destroyed the most blessed Name of  Elohim, blessed be His Sanctified Name! With the Messianic period of redemption the moral order of the world, as their pagan Gad, later became God, GOD and G-d as it as considered the Holy Name of Elohim, but it was NOT! They laid it down in the plan of the universe, and the perfection and unity of their pagan God would be restored.

When Sabbataï Zevi permitted himself to pronounce the false name of god in full, he officially proclaimed that the time of grace had begun with him. This proves what utter rubbish occurred within the Jewish community, and sadly due to the Kabbala, being a part of the occult there is so much more!

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The vast majority of the Text was by Rabbi Heinrich (Hirch) Graetz, with emendations by this sites author.

Dr. Rabbi Reuven Ben-Avraham.




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