Weekly Parashat readings & Dates for the Yom Tovim - Feasts

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Dates and Readings for the
Yom Tovim (Feasts) for
2023 & 2024 - 5783 & 5784.


--Updated January 12, 2023 – Tammuz 19th 5783--

A note for the non-Jewish reader: Each Sabbath or Yom Tov (the Feasts) commences the evening prior and we light our candles approximately 18 minutes before sunset.

During the year we read Fifty-four passages of the Torah as well as passages of the Tanakh. Each Parasha with a particular theme is named after one of the first words of the opening passage, such as “Bereshit,” which translates as “in the Beginning” - Bereshit - Genesis chapter 1:1; all of these and their respective dates can be found below!

The Yom Tovim, the “High Holy Days” - the Feasts, with their special readings and these are all shown together with the Yom Tov (Feasts) dates are located blow.

Please Note: Below are the Seven High Holy Days as mentioned Vayikra - Leviticus chapter 23, for these were the Yom Tovim we were to gather at Yerushalayim and not at the others, although they are very special, but of a lesser meaning. What is not known by many is that these seven feasts have massive meanings which go far deeper than what is generally understood, for within these there are treasures beyond compare, and through these studies I am slowly releasing more and more of these blessed treasures, as I will be led to do so.

For blessings before and after the Readings, see - A Guide to Daily Prayers.

The More TORAH – The More LIFE

HaSHEM is our LIFE

Part One:

I will first place four calendars pages below, which provide a comprehensive list of all the Yom Tovim - the Feasts, but also the weekly Parashat, etc, which I am sure will be very helpful.

But below is a listing of the & most Holy Feasts of Elohim, blessed be His most Sanctified Name!

December 2023 - A D. II 5783 to March 2024 - AD. II 5784.


The Yom Tovim and the Readings

Also see A Guide to Daily Prayers



I trust that this page will be of a great benefit to you as you will be able to follow the readings at the Synagogue, or at home. If at all possible it would be good to go to the Synagogue on Sabbath especially the Yom Tovim, and possibly even become a member. But chose your congregation carefully, and should you so desire, ask me for guidance per email, see the link down the page.

Wishing you and your Mishpachah or Mesbucha (family) “Shabbat Shalom”, or “Hag Sameach” may the Peace of the Almighty fill you, your family and your home!

Dr. Rabbi Reuven Ben-Avraham.








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